Vehicle Wrap Investment-How Smart is it for Businesses

If you are worried about whether you are making the right decision or not, then this blog will help you to resolve your query.

Are you planning to invest in vehicle graphic wraps? If you are worried about whether you are making the right decision or not, then this blog will help you to resolve your query. I am writing this blog by seeing the growing demand for vehicle wraps. I was inquisitive to know the aspect deeply and thus have gone through in some details with the help of various studies. Let's dig deep into it and help you to get a brief idea on it.

A brief introduction about vehicle wrapping

If you are entering into the wrapping world for the first time, then this part of my discussion will help you to get a brief idea on it. But those who have already experienced in this regard can skip this discussion.

Vehicle wrapping, as the name explains, is the wrapping of vehicles with the help of large sheets that are designed in amazing graphics. People use this to cover the vehicle and transform its overall appearance. It is applied to the vehicle surfaces and thereby enhances the cost-effective and long-lasting advertisements of your business. Furthermore, it is also used to revamp your fleet and reinforce your corporate identity. A wrap is applied directly over the original paint of the vehicle, enhancing its original beauty of it and make enhances the shelf life of the paint of the vehicle. It takes a very short period to cover the wrap on the vehicle and also you can easily remove it whenever you want to get back the original condition of it.

The process involved in vehicle wrapping

Apart from studying the subject, I also observed the process involved in the vehicle graphic wrapping. And I was very much blemished to see it. Although I have also tried it on my own, it was not that good like the professional vehicle wrappers. Here I am mentioning the process in detail,

Step 1:Designing the wraps:It takes 1/20 scale on the computer to design the car wraps. You must be thinking how it can be fitted on your car as the scale is too small for it, but the digital files become very large once they are printed out and is more time taking than that of printing piece of brochures, booklets, banners, etc. Professionals create it with innovative ideas as per the preferences of the customers and design it in full dedication. Once the design is completed, they show it to the client and only after the approval of the artwork from the client, it goes for other technical specifications. These technical specifications include digital file printing on 3M vinyl, lamination, adhesive backing of vinyl which means the heat sensitive and pressure which can be moved and adjusted until appropriately done.

Step 2: Rolling:After designing and printing the wraps, it is rolled in separate sections. As the graphics are too big, many times, it is difficult to print the entire graphic at once. So professionals often print it in small sections, carry more quality in every piece. Moreover, it is also easy to put the little pieces on the vehicle to wrap it, especially when the logos or lettering on the wraps, the small sections maintain the proper quality and appearance of it. This also helps in the alignment of the website address, phone numbers, etc. (if the client requires putting on the wrap).

Step 3:Application: While the application of the wraps on the vehicle, it includes too much of professionalism and adaptive of work. If any window is covered, as per the recommendations of the client), the professionals use perforated 3M vinyl which is laminated to keep it away from dirt and pollution. This application helps in seeing out from inside the vehicle, but no one can see from outside. As per the law, although no wrap making professional applies perforated vinyl on the windshield or driver's or passenger's windows.

These are the specifications of processes involved in the application of vehicle wrapping. There are certain things which are taken care of by the professionals in the time of installation. Some of these are, preparing the vehicle that includes cleaning off the surfaces of the vehicle (those places where the vinyl will be performed), removing off the side mirrors, light covers, and vehicle logos, etc. It is a one-time investment and lasts as long as you want it. The time may vary based on the designs and requirements of the client in terms of wrapping, but it takes maximum 3-4 days to complete the whole procedure in a proper way.


It was very exciting for me to observe the entire process very minutely. I was particularly observing the dedication of the professionals, how they put the designs exactly as emphasized by the client, printed them out and put it on the cars. They also insured a lifetime warranty of the wraps. The project which I observed has taken 7 hours to complete. So, if you are planning to get vehicle graphic wraps, I guess now you can make a clear decision on it. Enhance your car's appearance with the great wrap designs and make over its look in a professional way.