Nitpicking: An Important Measure to Prevent Head Lice in Schools

It is a growing trend that many small businesses have started offering nit removal and louse combing services and often they are increasingly featured in schools. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, as many as 12 million cases of head lice have been reported. There the head li

The stigma that is attached to lice infestation is no longer. Parents are now never shying away from seeking help as this is something not related to personal hygiene, rather an infectious condition. So this indirectly led to the coming of the nitpickingbusinesses.

What is Nit Removal? How Does It Help?

The term nits refer to the eggs of lice, typically head lice that are developed in the hair. It is usually common among children. So nit removal is the art of carefully removing them from an individuals hair. Since the nits are stuck to the hairs, you cannot get rid of them with simple lice combs you use daily at home.

Do you know before the coming of the nit removal chemicals, the only way to find them was to shave the hair and or pick them up one by one which was a time-consuming method?

However, the necessity of manual nit removal is still felt even when lice populations often develop resistance to chemicals. This head lice problem usually occurs at the initial years of schooling but this condition can become epidemic if not treated on time.

Children between the age group of 11 to 14 mostly get them every year. As a result, their parents, grandparents, teachers, and caretakers also get them. An estimated report says that 80 percent of children getting lice come from the age group of 4 to 16.

Interestingly some findings also cite that the coming of the selfie-culture could be a potential reason for head lice as it involves head to head contact.

Some Important Facts about Head Lice

  • It requires at least 7 to 11 days mature and hatches the nits
  • An infant louse takes 9 to 12 days to become a full grown adult.
  • As it becomes an adult it looks for a mate to create eggs
  • 24 hours post-mating, the female releases her first egg and then keeps releasing them day after day
  • Head lice die if they are deprived of taking fresh blood from the scalp within 2 days

Why Schools Should Adopt a Strict Measure on Lice?

When a child is found with head lice, some schools send all the children back home with a notice. While some others tell the parents of the child and some may have a stringent policy of calling the parents and tell them to keep the children away till the lice problem persists. However, what is normally seen is that most of the schools have no specific policy other than sending out notes.

One apparent reason could be that the problem of head lice is not mentioned in official statistics and there is no such provision of sick note that states out with nits. There is still a stigma attached to it as it will spread the feeling of lack of hygiene.

Checking Should be Done at School

Many of the countries offer a head lice school check service which is an important one. It is done with other checkups like the ears and eyes that are in practice. The students are checked at repeated intervals and if found with lice the authority immediately informs the parents.

So preventive combing should be promoted among children and this stigma can be removed. If the parents will be more aware of head lice, it will become easy for the teachers and children to prevent the occurrence of head lice.

Concluding Remark

Do you know head lice are the second most contactable disease among children after common cold? Yes and therefore prevention is necessary. Because of the stigma many parents avoid talking about the head lice and as a result, it left untreated and it results in contamination.

Head lice can grow in clean hair as well. So there should not be any judgment on the role of the parents in children catching head lice. It is best to abandon the stigma and let others know if your children have head lice as it will help to break the cycle.

So taking the help of a professional nit-pickingservice will prevent this problem to become endemic. Visiting a professional head lice removal specialist can help to relieve the stress because they are expert in pick out the nits and lice within one or two hours unlike when it is done at home it takes many hours, weeks and even months to complete.