Spoilers: Christmas Emmerdale tragedy revealed for dying Faith

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Faith in Emmerdale

Faith knows time is running out (Picture: ITV)

There’s more heartbreak to come for the Dingles on Emmerdale as Faith (Sally Dexter) struggles to hide the realities of her cancer from her nearest and dearest.

She takes a country walk with Chas (Lucy Pargeter), and her daughter is sad to see how difficult things have become for her mum as she struggles. There’s a flash of the old Faith spirit when she flags down a passing farmer for a lift and later she says she wants a party before it’s too late.

The party at the Woolpack ends in disaster when Faith collapses at the bar and is rushed to hospital. Chas and Paddy (Dominic Brunt) are distraught to find her in a confused state, saying she can’t see properly.

Faith manages to rally herself after this setback and remains determined to live life to the full, much to Chas’s frustration.

But in some very sad scenes Bear (Joshua Richards) later discovers that a lot of this is bravado from Faith, and inside she does realise how bad her situation is.

He discovers Christmas cards that she’s writing for her family and friends in case she doesn’t make it to Christmas, and Faith becomes emotional thinking about leaving the people she loves behind.

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